European Oak A first-class wood for cabinet making. Very stable, particularly when quarter sawn, with a very attractive ray figure. Durable choice.
Mahogany Pinkie red when unfinished. Takes on stains very well and can be coloured from light brown to conker brown. Light and open grained.
Maple High-quality, hardwearing pale-toned timber. Ray figure in quarter sawn boards.
Oroko Dense and oily wood. Ideal for outdoor uses such as garden furniture, boats. Very hard wearing and is used for kitchen worktops.
Natural pine We use pine largely in the production of fitted furniture to be hand painted. The slower the pine grows the better the quality of timber. Douglas fur and Sitka spruce are the best quality pines and have the least knots. We generally use slow-grown Russian pine for our furniture. This has very few knots and is kiln dried for stability.
Rosewood A dark and dense hardwood. Used decoratively and favoured by instrument makers for it tonal properties.
Walnut Rich brown with dark grain. Walnut has been called the king of woods and is used in the production of high-quality furniture.


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