We only use timber from sustainable sources, including a wide variety of imported and native soft and hardwoods. Below are descriptions of some of the species we use most commonly.

Ash Used in light-coloured furniture. Golden-yellow colour under finish. Renowned for being tough and resilient. Stands up well to the everyday environment. Used for tables, work surfaces. Can contain some spalting.
Beech Ranges in colour from pale brown to light reddish brown. Strong, versatile and wear-resistant, with good bending properties.
Birch Ideal for contemporary interiors; has good uniformity, is light and takes stains very well.
Boxwood Only available in small pieces. Comes from bush not a tree and is used for inlays and stringing. Camel brown in colour with a very natural look.
Cherry Fruitwood with a warm, rich colour. Used for more specialised crafted furniture and decorative work.
Elm Dense with highly attractive grain. Used in furniture making and carving.


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