Boxwood Cabinetmakers build furniture in a range of styles that echo our belief in functionality, clean lines and high quality of construction. The styles defined below, along with the examples on the following pages, are intended as a guide to the type of work we undertake. Every piece we build is individually hand-crafted. Please select a link below for more information.

Arts + Crafts Arts + Crafts

Inspired by the Arts + Crafts movement, which flourished in Europe and America in the late 19th and early 20th Century, we build furniture following the design ideals of beauty, harmony and simplicity… more here

New England New England

Inspired by the furniture and woodenware of the Shakers, a religious sect founded in Europe in the late 1700s,
we hand-build pieces that reflect the Shaker ideal that ‘beauty rests on utility’… more here

Boxwood Boxwood

The Boxwood range of furniture is inspired by the minimalist principals of oriental interiors, in particular the Japanese Tansu style of cabinetry, which has been a major influence on Western design... more here


Our furniture is generally built to suit existing furniture or a clients particular design ideas. All or pieces are built using traditional methods such as dovetail joints and finished to the highest quality...
more here

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