Painted Our painted fitted furniture is made from pine. Each piece is filled, primed, undercoated and then painted to a colour of your choice.
Wax Oil Several coats of wax oil produce a modern, hardwearing satin finish. The timber retains a very natural look. A finish that is increasingly popular with contemporary furniture makers.
Oils We use a variety oils in a traditional manner, such as Danish and linseed oil. These oils can be built up to produce a high sheen on the piece of furniture.
Lacquer Spray finishing gives an absolutely flat glossy surface and is very hardwearing.
French Polish Most often used these days to match- in or repair existing furniture. Provides a distinctive finish in the production of high-end furniture.
Matching Existing Furniture We stain new hardwood pieces to match existing furniture. Prior to undertaking work we can supply you with finished samples for comparison.


All our door furniture, including hinges, latches and handles, is sourced from high-quality suppliers. We are happy to suggest door furniture that will work with a piece, but we also realise it is an individual choice and offer a extensive range of door furniture to choose from.

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