Boxwood Cabinetmakers was established by Steve Jones. A passion for furniture design and fine craftsmanship was key in the formation of the company.

Steve Jones has worked with wood for twenty five years. After serving an apprenticeship he worked as a cabinetmaker in the north of England, before pursuing his passion for stringed musical instruments and studying luthiery. In 1999 Steve formed JonesKendall, makers of hand-built acoustic instruments, with Colin Kendall. The company made instruments for several well-known guitarists and enjoyed an enviable reputation in the industry (Visit www.colinkendallguitars.co.uk for more information). Steve acts as design director for Boxwood Cabinetmakers, overseeing all aspects of design, build and installation. His love of wood and vast knowledge of build and inlaying techniques gives the company an edge over our competitors.

Please contact him here to arrange a free design and estimate.

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